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VirtualMedsOnline is a Cancer News and Information Portal. The portal Brings to your fingertips the latest news and resources directly onto your fingertiops.

  • BioConnect is an Online Platform for Biologists to Interact with Each other.
    BioForums from VirtualMedOnline Bio in association with TechBio
    BioInformatics Forums from VirtualMedOnline Bio

Discussion Forum on Open Access to BioMedical Resources including Resaerch communications.

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VirtualMedOnline News Portal is an innovative service which aggregates News from Top News Sources onto a easily browsable portal.

VirtualMedonline Bio is a Biology Tech Portal. The Porta hosts a number of resources including Geneseek,a portal -cum- resource Center for Genetic Technology and GeneSquare, which is a News Update Service on Latest Genes that came to News.

NanoBiology is an Online Portal dedicated to the field of Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine.

Bioshelf is an Online Library of Open Access Biomedical Books Online. The Libarary is in the conceptual stage and is equipped with a Search Interface

E-TALC is a pioneering project to provide free information to health workers in the developing countries on CD-ROM.

Genome Informatics Gateway @ techBio is a comprehensive research and news portal on Geneomics, Proteomics and Biopinformatics

Integrative Medical Preprint server at VirtualMedonline is an initiative to ad impetus to Open Access to BioMedical research.A number of Journals have endorsed IMPRESS

IDN is a beta version programme aimed at collecting and disseminating relevant information on Infectious diseases, especially outbreak.Help us improve by suggesting relevant resources